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RUBY*S Cafe was established in September 2001, in the heart of Emeryville.  The Cafe quickly became an anchor within the surrounding community and a vital hub for the people who live and work here.  Through the years we have been  gratified to have served so many that have passed through our doors.  We look forward to making new friends and seeing familiar faces . . . until then CHEERS!

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Community Art Project

CURRENT ARTIST: Yvette Buigues


Inside Monsters are the characters that rarely make it out of my journal.  I let them out now as they bring those who view them a smile, a giggle or a stirring up of a past memory. ​ I hope they move you in a fun and light hearted manner. —Yvette

Visit RUBY*S to view dozens of works.  Contact Yvette to purchase here and checkout her Instagram.

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